Contract address: 0x8Ac70dA5b4fe08F713A30Fe910d366bd786f53dE
6% Buy tax
12% sell tax
Black CatCoin ($BCATS) has a similar start like Dogecoin in being a pure memecoin aimed to create a safe token for a group of friends to encourage memes and competitions. The name is aimed at fighting the myth where black cats are bad luck. The community grew across time to be one big family, which helps the project to organically gain attention to this safe and fun project.
The project is launching its 10,000 NFT collection as well as it's addictive 2D play to earn phone game (IOS and Android). This is set to bring even more attention to the project that will contribute to its growth, as the owner is fully committed to proceed in making $BCATS a well-known memecoin in the market.