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Symbol: $CRB Project: Crypto Review Board Website: Description: Crypto Review Board ($CRB) is a Non-Profit Self Regulated Decentralized Crypto-Community driven to promote adaption, improve reputation, & trust amongst new & established Token, Crypto, & Fin-Tech Projects. Our purpose is to advise, verify, improve transparency, by promoting the everyday use of Blockchain technology & highlight bad actors. Crypto Review Board aims to develop & promote Blockchain Companies by Utilizing our fin-tech expertise, in combination with open-source technologies that helps business build & scale around Blockchain reward systems, services, products, gaming, & utilities. We help distinguish Great Crypto projects from Scams. By providing a Community Based Review Board, which actually rewards curators for their honest experience, reviews, opinions, & highlighting risky projects. All outside donations are used to fight against scam projects and the rest is allocated to liquidity for our $CRB Token Built on the Waves Blockchain. Our Crypto Review Board Token is a reward-based system that pays individuals for sharing their honest experiences about financial projects. We are the only review-based system which allows investors to recoup some of the investment lost to the blockchain, crypto, fin-tech, or banking scams. REPORT A FIN-TECH OR CRYPTO SCAM TODAY! Asset Info Socials:
What are the potential benefits of investing in Novawchi?
Novawchi — Infinity of NevoVerse AN INTRO TO NOVAWCHI NOVAWCHI is a truly decentralized crypto asset built with the mission to revolutionize the entire ecosystem of the Metaverse, DeFi, & Web 3.0. To achieve it, We’ll work on multiple spaces in near future Including NFTs, Gaming, DEx, & much more that comes under in Novawchi NevoVerse. The project was established on the 20th of October 2022, and it is being developed on the most secure, popular & decentralized blockchain network called Ethereum & Matic. Are you ready to be part of the next big thing in the crypto space? Novawchi is the innovative project that you don’t want to miss out on. With the mission to revolutionize the entire ecosystem of the Metaverse, DeFi, & Web 3.0, Novawchi is building an exciting new world that will blow your mind! By investing in Novawchi tokens, you can benefit from diversifying your portfolio, exposure to emerging blockchain technology, and the potential for financial gains. The Novawchi token has a fixed supply of 9.6 million, and the smart contract does not allow for minting, ensuring investor safety. Additionally, the reflection function ensures that Novawchi token holders benefit from the token’s utility in the Novawchi ecosystem. As a gamer, you’ll have the opportunity to explore NevoVerse, the metaverse introduced by Novawchi gaming, and unlock endless possibilities by purchasing Novawchi tokens. Warriors and Devils in Novawchi gaming will benefit from an immersive and dynamic virtual world that enhances their gameplay experience. Novawchi NFTs offer a unique use case, providing gamers and investors with opportunities to earn Novawchi tokens in two processes. The Type 1 process allows gamers to exchange their NFTs for CLUBCHIP CARD, which they can use to earn tokens by playing the Novawchi game’s story or battle modes. The Type 2 process is for investors who can rent out their CLUBCHIP CARD to gamers, who will play the game and earn tokens. Investors will receive a percentage of the tokens earned by the gamers and also a percentage of the jackpot if won. If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to be part of a revolutionary project, Novawchi is the perfect fit for you. Join the Novawchi community and support this innovative project today. By minting Novawchi NFTs in OpenSea drop, you’ll get $100 worth of Novawchi tokens, access to club chip cards to play the game, premium NFT roles, and upcoming summit tickets. These NFTs are very useful, and after launching the Novawchi game, you’ll be able to rent your NFTs and earn Novawchi tokens from game players. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of the crypto space. Join the Novawchi community today!
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